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5 Simple Hacks to Extend the Life of Your Commercial Printer/Copier

An office printer or copier is one of the most expensive equipment your office will need to function. Also, it is one of the most heavily used equipment. Based on different factors, the average lifespan of a printer is about five years. That said, to use the equipment optimally and extend its life, you need to follow some tips that we will discuss in the next part of the post. It will ensure that you search less for ‘Sharp copier repair service near me’.

Keep Up With Software Updates

It is a known fact that when your printer/copier is using an older version of the software, you cannot unlock its full potential. Updating the system with the latest software version will have a positive impact on both the driver as well as the printer utilities. Pros of running the latest software update include better print quality, reduction in costs, easy handling of larger loads, and protecting the printer against hackers.

Keep Your Copier Clean

When you care for your copier, it can go a long way in extending the life of your commercial printer. If your printer is placed somewhere that is susceptible to accumulating dust, make sure surfaces and trays are regularly wiped and cleaned. Ensure no dirt and debris enter the device. Use the automatic cleaning utility present inside the printer to clean printer heads. When you’re in doubt about how to properly clean the equipment, check the manufacturer’s specific recommendations. You can also take assistance from an expert for the same.

Schedule Routine Maintenance

Similar to most machines, your office copier will require regular maintenance to function optimally. The smartest way to ensure that your printer is well-maintained is to partner with a credible printer dealer. This will ensure that all the repair and maintenance tasks are fully catered to and all supplies are delivered at the right time for a seamless business operation. The service agreements may include routine checkups and preventative maintenance works. The technician would thoroughly examine the equipment, and clean and repair the equipment, keeping them in peak operating condition.

Handle Jams With Care

Paper jams are easily one of the infamous and frustrating issues when using a printer/copier. It escalates when the operator is determined to rip the paper out of the machine. You may think of the printer as a brainless machine, but should you abuse it, it will degrade over time. What can be done instead is to follow the device manually and look for instructions on how to resolve the paper jam in a fail-safe manner. In case the issue persists, get in touch with a technician.

Do not exceed the Optimal Monthly Volume

Your device’s monthly print volume is the number of pages that must not exceed for each month. If the machine’s manual recommends that the optimal monthly volume is 10,000 pages, divide it by 30, which comes to 333 pages for each day. It is okay to occasionally print more pages than that as it won’t harm your device. However, if you are finding yourself exceeding this number on most days during the month, consider investing in a high-performance machine.

Choosing American Servco

We can offer you an on-site service program designed specifically for your company. Whether you just want to repair your Sharp Printers or you are looking for an ongoing maintenance plan, we are just a call away. Call American Servco at 1-800-870-9049 and get the best Sharp Copier services for convenient repairs.