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Regional Office Numbers

Oki-Data Printer Repair and Service

Oki-Data Printer Repair Professionals

Do you have a need for Oki-Data Printer Repair, Printer or Fax Machine Service? Do you need that Oki-Data Printer Repair done like yesterday? Call American Servco Imaging Systems and we will have that machine working for you in no time at all. American Servco Imaging Systems number is 800-870-9049.

American SERVCO Imaging Systems, Inc. designs Printer maintenance and repair programs specifically to meet each of our customers needs. We have programs that cover only the labor required to maintain the Printer / Printers throughout the year all the way up to programs that are all inclusive to cover all parts, all labor and all supplies (excludes paper & staples) needed to operate the units for the year.

We are able to design an on-site service program specifically tailored for your company. Whether you choose to have your Printers repaired on an as-needed basis at our starting rate of $72.50 plus parts and the time starts when the technician arrives or if you prefer an annual service program, we can assist you and your company with that too.

Here are some benefits you can expect from an American Servco maintenance plan.

All Parts – Including rollers, fusers, PM (maintenance) Kits, electronic boards etc. Same Day Service – American Servco responds to all of our service calls within 8 working hours and strives to maintain a 4 hour response time to all of our customers both large and small. Supplies – In our all inclusive programs we cover all supplies (except paper & staples) required to operate your unit. This includes Drums, Developers, Rollers and Toner. Inventory / Usage Assistance – American Servco will provide you with a list of equipment under our service programs by make, model, serial number, current meter reading and location each year. This is especially important to companies that have multiple locations.

Once again, these are only a sample of the benefits from using a service program from American Servco Imaging Systems, Inc.

A brief History of Oki-Data

Whenever they hear the name Oki-Data most IT professionals think of high quality Dot-Matrix printers. As a matter of fact you could say that Oki-Data are the Kings of Dot-Matrix printers. That is because for the past three decades, at least, Oki-Data has put out the best quality impact printers on the market. Since 1881 when Kibataro Oki started Oki-Data in Japan to today, Oki-Data has stood for innovation and quality. American Servco salutes this stalwart brand and proudly sells, leases and services these printers for our customers. Oki-Data Printers mean quality and American Servco provides quality Oki-Data Printer Repair.

Call the Oki-Data Printer Repair experts for all of your Oki-Data Printer Repair dilemmas, Fax Machine and Printer Service needs! Call us today at 1-800-870-9049!