Regional Office Numbers

Regional Office Numbers

The Best Copier Repair Service and Maintenance in Southern California


You may have often heard the old saying “experience counts”, well this has never been more evident than with American Servco Imaging Systems. As one of the longest running copier, printer and fax machine dealers and service providers in the Southern California area we have all of the tools, knowledge, expertise and skill to service your imaging devices the right way the first time. Because we have so much knowledge we are able to find many issues quickly, painlessly and we do not have to recharge you each time we come to your location for the same or a similar issue. This gives you the peace of mind of knowing that your service is highly efficient and gets your people back on the job in a hurry.


As in any industry, integrity is one of the best attributes of service. American Servco believes that you (our customer) should always be taken care of, even if we have to sacrifice a little ourselves, we would much rather do that than have one of our customers be down for too long. American Servco believes that service and integrity should go hand in hand with one another and that you the customer always must come first. That is how we have done business for the past 17 plus years and we will give you no less!


How do you choose a good company? Many companies claim to have many years of experience … but do they have the expertise that goes along with that experience? At American Servco experience and expertise are not exclusive. We have the highest trained technicians, the best and most reliable customer service team and we have longevity. You do not get to where American Servco is today without being top notch. Because we are “top notch” professionals we can proudly pass that experience AND expertise onto you our customer. Call us today to see how we can help you 1-800-870-9049!


Along with experience, integrity and expertise American Servco also has some of the best and most knowledgeable staff in the entire Imaging Systems industry. Keeping up to date with all of the knowledge in any industry is difficult. And experience is one the best teachers that anyone can have. Because we have so much experience American Servco has some of the best knowledge in the entire Imaging Systems industry. Take advantage of the knowledge we have acquired over the past several decades, we think you will be surprised at what we can do for you!

Customer Service

No amount of knowledge, expertise or experience can make up for a poor customer experience. American Servco prides itself on providing our customers with the absolute best customer experience around. Our calls are booked the same day, we come directly to you to fix your issues, we have fantastic maintenance plans to help you reduce costs and our service calls start at just 72.50 plus parts. Not to mention our customer service staff are some of the nicest people around.

To summarize: Experience, Integrity, Expertise, Knowledge and … great Customer Service all make American Servco the best possible choice for your copier and printer system repair needs. Call us right now at 1-800-870-9049, our operators cannot wait to here from you!