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4 Signs Your Office Photocopier Needs Repair

A photocopier is a useful piece of equipment that is found in almost every office. It produces high-quality prints of documents either in monochrome or polychrome. Offices, particularly those that process documents and paperwork, rely heavily on the functions of photocopy machines to perform their operations.

Photocopy machines are built to handle high uptime and intensive use. But repeated and long usage can take their toll on these equipment causing wear and even internal problems. Fortunately, these issues can be easily repaired and resolved with proper repair services. An additional benefit of timely maintenance and repair is that it helps to keep the machine in optimal working condition and extend its service life.

If you have a photocopier in your office or business place, here are four signs to look out for to know it needs repair and maintenance. Keep in mind that some signs my be easily noticeable while some may be less apparent.

Indicator Flashing

This is one of the easy signs to pick up that indicates your equipment needs repair. Most modern photocopy machines have an inbuilt self-diagnosis system that enables them to detect internal problems. If you see a button or light constantly flashing whenever the machine is on, it means that there is an underlying internal problem. When you notice this ‘Call for Service’ indicator going off, it is best to reach out to a Canon repair center in California and temporarily stop using the machine until the issue is identified and resolved.

Printing Errors

This is also another straightforward sign that there is something wrong with your printer. If printing errors such as streaks, lines, and blank gaps persistently occur on the printed papers, stop using the machine to prevent further damage and schedule an appointment with a Canon Xerox service center. The issue could either be a software problem or a hardware problem. In either case, it shouldn’t be a major issue and should be easily fixable by a technician.

Unresponsive Buttons

Most photocopy machines have multiple settings and features so that they can produce prints in a wide range of styles and formats. These functions are set and selected using control buttons placed on the front of the machine for easy use. If the buttons fail to respond or respond in a manner that activates other functions, it means there is an issue with the software.

Excessive Use of Toner

If you use your photocopy machine frequently, you would know the interval of when you need to replace the toner cartridge. If the cartridge needs replacing more frequently than it used to without any significant increase in the amount of usage, it means the efficiency of the machine has decreased. This could be caused by a hardware malfunction, or a wear in some part that needs replacement, or maybe a little tune-up. Either way, Google search ‘Canon copier repair near me’ and take an appointment from the nearest repair center to fix the issue at the earliest.


Photocopy machines are valuable equipment that provides multiple functions essential to office work. Look out for the signs mentioned above and reach out to professional technicians to fix and repair any issue to keep them functioning smoothly and reliably. Resolving any underlying problem early will also help to extend their service life.

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